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how to kill a man before he dies

start and end with woman call him one call his one call one to make you man enough to deny another of manliness as she says wow you’re strong and you’ll say no sweat babe i don’t like no sissies and she’ll say oh that’s so powerful makes me scared and you’ll say ain’t nothing … Continue reading

be loved / beloved

there you are drinking because your father beat you because he didn’t because you are happy because you are not because you want to drink because you don’t and you’re thinking about the life that could have been if you had not been thinking about life so much if you had only been more if … Continue reading

the real

those who get seven hours daily of shut eye have never known real sleep to be awake for 56 hours to sludge through crackling daylight then to plummet into the night a comet of leaving sleeping forever maybe   those who drink the recommended 6-8 cups of water have never satisfied thirst never sat uneasy … Continue reading

how to kill a bird that has been in a cage for many years

give it sky   how to break a cardiologist assured of strict causes for diseases give them heartache   how to destroy a worker proud of their job, their rough hands, their daily tiredness give their factory automation   how to suffocate a sinner give it blessings   how to deny the dead give them … Continue reading

70 million litres in

they will tell you to keep it down to keep you down and untold till you repeat the same to someone else looking down on them as they gaze skyward though you block the sun * the earth a drunk spinning around looking for someone to impress finding the room empty pissing down the stars … Continue reading

on no

they will tell you that you cannot do it and they will be right for you cannot now with them there talking but only untold and willed and alone can you have it done * they will say that you can’t and this is true for you cannot not yet where you are not ready … Continue reading

light in a shadow

dear friend who is four foot eight, you are big. you are immense. you are total. too often in the scrum of wants and failures, this knowledge is forgotten. more must be done. more is being is done. how can i join it? how can it join me? while these questions are necessary in a … Continue reading


i want to tell you that i too have no wants untold that i am complete like a snail shell with being but i sometimes feel left behind to empty and hole up with sands that come after the city is ground into its elements and glass remains a liquid slow moving wearing on your … Continue reading


it is horrible that there is no disaster that made humanity cave into that special lonely realization reserved for that third vodka shot that holds that horror that leaves you wondering why there is that many people in the world that serve no other function then to not notice that you are dancing with the … Continue reading

the end after the end

you have come despite a life that often doesn’t to try to find meaning or a break or a laugh you deserve and i want to give it to you with the beauty of now which is then which is which and the always confusing magic of attempting to know a really that’s already gone … Continue reading