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Miscellaneous mistakes


i suppose it is time to tell you that there is a chance you will not find what you are looking for. immense sadness may wait. happiness may shirk itself away to other places for other people. you’ll sludge around, lost, hoping something pops up adorned in sunlight and kisses. you’ll get close a few slippery times. books will give you a language, but you’ll lose the words in your digesting mouth. lovers will hold you in places left empty since creation, but they’ll destroy the other full parts. a job will come, but sometimes it will not. friends will always be there, but then they will not. and you’ll know that tomorrow is the only reason today has any meaning, though you’ll never reach it like light around a corner.

then when you are sharped by dirt and riddled with spit and about to not listen to the things told, remember: it is true that you did not find what you were looking for. you found something greater. you found all there ever was – you looking for you.

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