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it is 532 this is you leaving   worn wet hand on a lumpy handle that hangs in a pattern that will never be repaired   1 minute before you go you try to mouth something that sounds like the wind 30 years from now on a sail boat going across the world even if … Continue reading

thirsty thursdays

morning delayed by the bubbling smoke of night i am here drawn to the blood of a bar driven by people stuck like me with everywhere to go but everyone already gone stuck yawning the mouth of poetry from younger years like tomorrow where the dead no longer look for the living where if there … Continue reading


usually you let yourself in   to a door you swore you would paint to arms you said needed tattoos to a pattern   starting with your shoes dripping on to a recently vacuumed mat like a body out of water on the hottest summer day where one can feel their childhood baking back into … Continue reading


how long is long how long is is how long is how how long is now when separated from you with the closest memories of watching you fold over like a sunflower in the shade that comes but not before the fall of two lovers caught in the cooing of bees who mean something to … Continue reading

long division

love is unsexy crammed into disgusting dribble and a myriad of everyday worn tiny things like mowing the lawn into small comforts and lengths you decide after fighting about it to avoid the weeds from growing though they always do and though you come to like them there in the disappointing dirt where no seeds … Continue reading

tend to lend

when i was a poet writing poetry i’d have good things to say   about all the bad like how to kill your mother by falling in love with your father who would never want you anyways a fact that ruined your abandoned orphaned ma wishing only the best for you the reverse of what … Continue reading

neutering the pet after it is already postmenopausal

now that the light has broken i hope they see the sun sitting on the horizon of your eyes that they hold the tulips at your lips craving to kiss the sky that they see you as nothing less than the oceans once connected but growing still chipping away at the land never settling never … Continue reading

alongside long

i lose my hat on the subway shuffling around midstep like a wounded dog trailing his master already ahead in a deep forest when a woman taps me before i race up to the heavens of the forgetful dead hands me my hat with a calm face a solo silence and i imagine this singular … Continue reading

70 million litres in

they will tell you to keep it down to keep you down and untold till you repeat the same to someone else looking down on them as they gaze skyward though you block the sun * the earth a drunk spinning around looking for someone to impress finding the room empty pissing down the stars … Continue reading

changing of the guards

daylight with spots on a shadow like the spoiled meat that gives it legs only to find me laying down on the same steps where a marriage failed forty three years two months and sixteen days ago a child was told by an uncle that all things hurt until they fade about twenty one days … Continue reading