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act(ion) positively

every time i drink i am reminded of why i hate drinking which makes me drink more and become hate re-minded: an every time drunk * fiction creates a universe poetry is one * let it be known that your existence is a revolutionary act of resistance for to change it all all of it … Continue reading

the revolution of two

i see that the world would be made better if we crossed i’s but didn’t cross me * it is a shame that as children we feel no shame in reading to get lost while as adults we read to lose loss * i am a friend of a revolutionary who stole a car without … Continue reading

look at me look at me look at me

all there is is doing it done   everything else is noise   know that this too is a distraction * and then it was the revolution him with his pistol at your door saying you better come out to make it right and if you won’t know that charity begins at home and there’s … Continue reading