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where the tree grows

i am afraid i’ll never do it that i’ll slip into mediocrity where even among the mediocre i’ll be considered in whispers as only okay that i’ll grow up gasping little lives maybe producing one or two myself who will shadow upwards like me who remained unfortunately ungrown   i am afraid i’ll never do … Continue reading


the following is sloppy unraveling, but even a single curled thread is needed to make a blanket. * all poetry is falling to the ground for it is autumn where i call her hollow to tell that i was in love again budding anew feeling the warmth of someone’s sun and she said me too … Continue reading

the tablets of old

trying to save falling clouds from drowning in the puddles of themselves where among the murky mondays his eyes are gray storms slipping back to storms seas back to savage seas under glasses after a lifetime of not seeing himself through lenses and reflecting confusion bringing the thing closer to him him closer to it … Continue reading

flaky dermatology

i have things to do like yesterday and a week before that too but i was only sixteen or around there then adding to the clouds with a coughing chimney that will throat her till rain roars into this light life that i swear has no free will and if there is some it’s predetermined … Continue reading

a little lit

and have you considered the sea’s fear of the never beaten beach or perhaps that broken hearts have more openings for entry or that the tired mirror should be shattered for it has seen more than you or that you have seen too much too for you do not reflect much anymore about considerations of … Continue reading

uh, lone

i know the loneliest sentence   that after all of it i no longer think about you though you gave me it after all of that   i know the loneliest sentence   where among the prison of others there is little to be barred from except the heads that match heartache to the hands … Continue reading

meat casserole

be aware there are men falling from maples red and drained for the arbor was no armor which is close to love in french even though they never spoke it with their tongues stuck in others’ mouths who never learned their language and sat at dinner peeling back like the wood of the chairs or … Continue reading

each night is suicide to day

love gave me the worst love of my life and i suppose i still loved it best of all * there is no winning because the world requires relationships to go on but when they’ve gone the world dresses destruction in crumbles though it still turns easily not feeling the lost * he was forty … Continue reading

sue i side

you should do that thing you should do before you told yourself you shouldn’t * i am the umbrella and the rain and the river that once brought about both thousands of years ago waiting for them to come back tired and crying from above hoping for gentle brush of calm reassurance against the drowning … Continue reading

kite cut

there must be wind in my bones for they move me to the branches that bring me up to the top and let me hang there broken and rattling   a failed chime which no one listened to * after everything i have learned there isn’t everything in after and even less in i * … Continue reading