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look at me look at me look at me

all there is is doing it done   everything else is noise   know that this too is a distraction * and then it was the revolution him with his pistol at your door saying you better come out to make it right and if you won’t know that charity begins at home and there’s … Continue reading

canine circle

i used to think poetry was a suicide where the author always reached the end of a line   but now i think it a rope connecting all to all where there is no end just movement across in a circle a knot sometimes around a neck but often times around a belt to keep … Continue reading

a lie

if you have reached the end hanging know that there is no answers in life and worse that death is no answer to reach like a baby to the sky * after all i have had i have only learned that life is senseless because it is incensed with death that often makes a lot … Continue reading

to spend a night

i wanted to leave something profound behind that made sense of all this mess before i killed myself but i didn’t have anything which is why i killed myself * a suicide is a period of life * hanging there like an inverted exclamation i wondered whether he yelled or was silent like before to … Continue reading

ground control

on david bowie’s death: there are no words for loss but thank you for leaving yours here in the star dust and forever * a paper passed around flimsy wet from signatures of people silently saying all they could to a girl who could no longer hear all for she had killed herself a while … Continue reading

end of the line

both poets and tightrope walkers take it one line at a time * new year drinking old stuff from the fridge that may be from the last time i drank to not remember the year before that * the clock has kissed a new cycle and she goes in for a second celebration while i … Continue reading

Super stickys

A good friend of mine joined the military because he wanted to kill someone and I told him I was scared for him and he said I shouldn’t be and I said fine but you don’t have to go through all those hoops just to end a life and he said but I wouldn’t get … Continue reading