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no no no

the following was written on a beach after soaking in julio cortazar and trying to be my own drunk star * did i visit spain did i actually visit spain did i get gorged by a bull pulverize a wave with my crescent head wake up with cooling coffee that will whisper a dream stated … Continue reading

the phone dies after

you must’ve known that there was a moment straddling laughter breathing in sunlight absorbing the cut grass of bugs and air where you were playing with your neighbourhood friends for the last time   you maybe realized it when you were summed at 44 reigning in a lawn mower picking at your now ruined pants … Continue reading

sand dwellers

you must understand that it is not you which i know is difficult for you but rather it is i who knows it is i who is at fault here for all this misunderstanding now between us which i’m sure you didn’t realize which is part of the problem which i want to stress that … Continue reading


i suppose it was supposed to be me who loved you without much suppositions   but i doubted i * all of us are going through too much and one day i am sure we will breathe easy like the summer until we remember that there were those unsure of these sun-steeped days and who … Continue reading

guillotine on the mind

i am a bloody head stuck thinking of bundling veiny clouds into shapes of snow angels she used to leave before the thaw against seasons that shorten each year while i sink and forget how to swim and realize how long has it been since i have been gobbled alive by ocean waves tasted the … Continue reading


the following try is not very good, though it is very good to try to follow. * to those who say things must be like all other things to those who wish to be like those too to those who think that globalization is meant to narrow know that the world has always been global … Continue reading

july always

that great june light that throats summer into a call of plants gobbling and bugs that coo only for a ravenous month and mouth that’ll ruin the harvest in fall but now rests among the wave of yellow that sees me aiming for another planet with my piss drunk and hollering that i’ll water the … Continue reading

he has his

knuckles blocking out the sun for the man is pregnant with a fatherhood that suckles the honey dripped summer where he wants to be but not burdened with being and the nights that swallow crowing murder when the mother is emptied by him huffing a childhood nursery rhyme he can’t exactly remember but whose beats … Continue reading

two lips

i am a little fire burping back against the sun to show it how i can consume the world even as i am forgotten and left alone to die as a shadow untethered from the body that burns being into not * does not my smile require an anchor beyond my mouth perhaps unmooring into … Continue reading

wind up car

car tire breathing an empty language we don’t know we drive long hours to nowhere so that it takes me a lifetime to remember those little sandcastles we built for no other reason then they’d go away against the wind which is shared between heaven and hell carrying us even as it is against the … Continue reading