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when is thursday

it is the apocalypse though it is only tuesday   feet sloppy with sweat standing pajamas slinking at five thirty three pm   there is an infant yelling behind me there is always an infant yelling behind me   arms slope with booze i should’ve gotten a shopping cart it was busy i was going … Continue reading

omega 3 supplements

this is the taste of death but i cannot be hurt with the years that have gone since you have spending years trying to not be you which is such a you thing to do yawning years slugged into unconcern quiet as a growing flower will when the forest comes in vengeance of all the life … Continue reading

apollo one

you fear drowning but i am water that can create life that is it found there in your mouth in you in me making love to you by just being close to your flowing fire your smile that grows flowers in hopes of one day being under your nose and feeling home again * i … Continue reading

the sun has a dark side too

even after the most beautiful moment there is still the ugliness of everyday to tackle and the night that suffocates the open wound of the sun in bloody vengeance with more wars on the horizon * slurping joy drunk at 11 alright gods my ass on the rail once more kneeling with wretchedness and myself … Continue reading

uv days

the following is the indiscernible sludge after a microwave has been used for a few years and has not been cleaned because you only use it once a week, if that, and it’s your coworkers job to pitch in too and you’re a little afraid of the radiation which you’ve been told isn’t very high … Continue reading

the dark side of the sun

i am forgetting who i am but remembering that this disappearing is who i am * there are only a few moments in your life where your life is decided and often it involves uninvolvement years of building boredom a moment of crisis leading to a question of why you didn’t do more or weren’t … Continue reading

Face of the sun

The rain falls on a summer’s day for it doesn’t know any better.  * There is sun in my eyes so I cannot see that it is a beautiful morning where the birds do sing and the plants do grow and there’s a bustle going on around me and that will go on with out me … Continue reading

A blackhole

I am the son of a son of a son of the Sun, which is a yellow blob that blobs yellow in my hair, which is a product of happenstance and mutation and love and anything but, which is an anatomical feature that I have and am lucky enough to share with my family who … Continue reading

A day

Everything is possible under the sun If you just bend and bow And sway under a disco ball That is stuck and heavy in the sky Just like the dancers beneath it Who step on concrete In hopes of becoming as Solid and complete But who often forget that there are cracks Caused by the same baking … Continue reading