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Spaghetti knots

uv days

the following is the indiscernible sludge after a microwave has been used for a few years and has not been cleaned because you only use it once a week, if that, and it’s your coworkers job to pitch in too and you’re a little afraid of the radiation which you’ve been told isn’t very high but you weren’t directly told it was low by those same coworkers who are there near it, laughing, smiling, while the microwave bleeds hand sized nuclear apocalypses that are bitten into and left behind to turn into sludge. you sometimes wonder if it feels more alive than you. your coworker pats you on the back and you say ahaha, though you’re not sure what they said. the microwave finishes. pops open. sludge, sludge, sludge. you notice a wet spot on your t-shirt. was it drool from your ahaha? was it from the coworker? you aren’t sure.

all you know is you need to be cleaned from this world.




feel so completely

so you feel complete


i held on


you held no


i am worried

that one day

i will lose my worry

which makes me worry more

and lost again against days

that go on despite



will give me the worst of my life

but then

i will still be loved

and until the night

the next morning

the end

there will be nothing better


overcome me

by bringing you closer here

under the covers

to consecrate this wandering mess

into something that keeps god watching

in excitement and disbelief


we are meant

to not mean much

to we or our

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