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reading myself again i have the unrelenting desire to kill that man but he is long since dead not with the smells of a forest captured but a single lonely tree long since forgetting what it felt like to touch the sun spread in your red rolling eyes * you take what you can give because … Continue reading

a little light

clouds as teeth against your blue shaping into sweet supple nothings that have milked everything from my bite except for you staying solid and untouched by the allure of flight in the sky as a baby unaware it was born without wings * time between us old lovers fumbling wrinkles and curves unwanted through wanting … Continue reading

and other poems

am i a happy kid of some past generation or a sad adult in this passing one * i have known myself and how unknown i am * i cannot help but feel that i am helpless and denying some full potential that tells me that i can do it all including denying me all … Continue reading

Then or then

I wish to forget all for then I will not poison the memories I can’t remember and those I can’t change with fabrications of myself now for they never were for me even if they were me when I was happy or sad new or rewarded and with the disease I will be healed by the … Continue reading