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Spaghetti knots

brief bang

in the penitentiary

i freed my mind

with the time to think

without the body bowing

down to slaves of schedule

and the whip of a blanket

at night

that offers rest

from the mined mind


doing horrible things

to horrible people


all to sleep in peace

and do it all again

in the morning


excuse me

i’m late

do you mind


the universe knows

of nothing

for it was born into it

like us

born out of it

an empty space that

turned us inside out

and nurtures little spots

left unfinished since the time of creation

that can never be made whole

no matter who enters

outside in

to begin it all



the lightning calls out

with the brief brilliance of the sun

to the night

for a friend

but only the thunder answers laughing

as all else run away

to their homes

and friends

to warn them of

the storm coming


the truest truth is truly:

life’s short

live long


the falsest false is falsely


we know

we know


we know


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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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