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time off

dear dear, what does it mean to work? is your every day filled with meaning? do you mean to make it to the next day? are your coworkers mean? are hospitals demeaning? or is it all just mean, an average, a lump, a benign thing that takes the excitement of life and death alike? i … Continue reading

nine to live

on the job we laugh and laugh and laugh telling jokes about each others’ lives their wives their coffee their food their children who always are a sloppy combination of the three their early childhood their aimless ambitions their fucking fantasies their cars which look more or less the same their troubles which aren’t so … Continue reading


he was a great writer embedded into the mill a voice gurgling over the radio that all there was to writing was to write but my hands were busy scalping trees with words at the wood cut from lovers long lost and a drunk who pissed his name into the roots hoping it would flower … Continue reading


i will admit that i am broken but at least i still took a walk this morning and saw a little bit of sun and listened to a coworker tell me about problems back home and rode the subway to the silence of strangers who could just be as sad as me if they look … Continue reading

flaky dermatology

i have things to do like yesterday and a week before that too but i was only sixteen or around there then adding to the clouds with a coughing chimney that will throat her till rain roars into this light life that i swear has no free will and if there is some it’s predetermined … Continue reading

the tiny bang

antiparticles scratching at my door trying to get inside to tell me that they exist if i ever wanted to give them a chance instead of working with half my life already over and wedged into the small corner of masturbation and home where i felt like i needed not to look for home anymore … Continue reading

uv days

the following is the indiscernible sludge after a microwave has been used for a few years and has not been cleaned because you only use it once a week, if that, and it’s your coworkers job to pitch in too and you’re a little afraid of the radiation which you’ve been told isn’t very high … Continue reading

work out

there is hope that you will not need hope only will * i have gotten into short poetry for it lasts long and gets me * all people want all people to want all people but few will ever be wanted   * freud says a mother is a woman a son can’t have because … Continue reading