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hydro bills

i have been destroyed by love been wrecked by it been tossed lost and forgotten by love   i have been spit on by love molested wasted and disrepaired   love has turned me off from love has made me come to love has shown me there is more than love in love and without … Continue reading

o ll o

the following is ollo, which isn’t a word but are letters needing to break out, that are full themselves, that are a blank face looking at you wondering if you are doing the same, that are a mirrored thought that you carry with you daily in slurps of coffee and occasional doodles that tells you … Continue reading

what was his name again

what do you tell her   do you say that i would fart loudly in public   do you recall when i would snore with spit pooling like a failed birth   do mention that it took me six long months to love you and only four short years to lose that love   do … Continue reading

a room to one’s own

i sat down to write after a hot day in the city but hemingway was complaining of a headache again because joyce was saying how he wasn’t saying enough yet which he also said was much too say and bukowski was belching about there being too many boys here and flaubert was responding in a … Continue reading

650 bce

no one knew the exact years she died nor could anyone pin when she was born so you must understand that i did not believe it either when with dried onions for earrings and a black and white vertically stripped summer dress there she was still not still sappho the poet the undead reading with … Continue reading


the following are aren’t * hello goodbye nothing else * smoky stars eyes focused street on and on * first date went well with no second * i am sorry that when writing i didn’t have you in mind i was trying to figure out my own * regardless of what you heard its all … Continue reading

long division

love is unsexy crammed into disgusting dribble and a myriad of everyday worn tiny things like mowing the lawn into small comforts and lengths you decide after fighting about it to avoid the weeds from growing though they always do and though you come to like them there in the disappointing dirt where no seeds … Continue reading

the real

those who get seven hours daily of shut eye have never known real sleep to be awake for 56 hours to sludge through crackling daylight then to plummet into the night a comet of leaving sleeping forever maybe   those who drink the recommended 6-8 cups of water have never satisfied thirst never sat uneasy … Continue reading

b, or g, or d – rain

it happened a microwave nuked the leftovers a computer estimated the best route to an empty home a burrito-shaped man rolled into a used-to-be-fitted suit announced that robots had been made that can do it all that humans could do but better   people clapped and then they stopped for a robot (it could be … Continue reading


he was a great writer embedded into the mill a voice gurgling over the radio that all there was to writing was to write but my hands were busy scalping trees with words at the wood cut from lovers long lost and a drunk who pissed his name into the roots hoping it would flower … Continue reading