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judgement daze

you will never touch me for i am a universe and i am everywhere except sometimes in i looking at you wondering where you have gone and why there is this space left between us * you will need to know yourself for so much remains not understood including this including yourself including all of … Continue reading


i suppose there must be no god for all geniuses die and even his son could not escape his genius * i was someone just like wondering you thinking of summers of somebody of summing them into neat understanding forgetting that we do not remain we though we grow from rotting wearing worn us * … Continue reading


you will ask yourself where everything went wrong and i will answer that it is the moment where you began to ask instead of doing something else to make it right * the dog chases its own tail and i laugh how stupid it is not to know itself     later i limp a … Continue reading

a smart god created stupidity

if there is anything i learned it is to question answers and to relearn if there is anything * it took a billion years for people to think that the world is only a few thousand years   how wonderful to be so rocky still * eating my words with a tongue that slides a … Continue reading

egg roast

the following are a continuation of the echo of yesterday’s yesterday which was tomorrow then, but now are a bunch of murmurs that could be the house because it’s winter and the wind wishes to remind you of the enjoyment it gave you in summer though you put in ear plugs, climb into the bed’s … Continue reading

chicken roost

the following are responses to poets who are long since dead but who sometimes answer me during long nights that it is okay, keep showering, eating chips from a grizzly bag, and reading for there will always be death and in it, poetry and the chipped showers of reeds from those lived days. * two … Continue reading


the following is advice to avoid adding vice and a void to your following isms, and to help you go wordwards * it is some heavenly coincidence that reversing lived reveals the devil but there is nothing in death forward or back * i don’t know where i am going which is why i am … Continue reading

carnival prize isn’t fair

there is something to be said about not having the words yet i just don’t know how to say it at the moment * without god i am left to believe that what i believe leaves me as i and that is a bit unfortunate because i am told there is so much more than … Continue reading

sunflower seeds

do you understand that you’ll never understand that there’s nothing understood except for the fact that all try for understanding but fail both you and do and failing too * if only we weren’t bred from a god who took a rest on the seventh day maybe we would have accomplished much more and not … Continue reading

tears reflect eyes

it was dawn when i met my creator and he asked why did i undo what he did and i said i meant to go quietly and not bother anyone but i made such a mess in the beginning with all that fluid and form and i was wailing and kept doing it when i … Continue reading