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Spaghetti knots

vitamin k and more

i move through my stream of feeds
crumbs of laughs and likes
with an awareness of what it means
to be gluten intolerant
and i can do anything
to be happy like read about
how to be happy
or about the egyptians who buried cats
which makes me happy thinking
of the little beasts not understanding
why they are being gutted and stuffed
and it is strange to think of my guts stuffed
from a dinner of beans from a country i never
visited with people i’ll never meet
who have paid for my luxury
which makes me grumble
because the organic beans
were a bit too expensive today
but i do like them to be organic
and spontaneous like myself
little beasts not understanding
why they are
and i look online to
what it means to be a lima bean
which is a weird question i’ll admit
which the answer equals in proportion
on the interconnectivity of vegetable feelings
where one can feel another’s pain
and my guts squeal
stuffed and expanding
and i go to the toilet
with my phone nearby
to find out more about the plants
that are growing in the opposite direction now
brown but blooming
with little beasts not understanding
but that still do a good job without worrying
about these kinds of things
while sustaining only on my feeds
and i think i feel pain
or blood
but there is something on
my screen to see
which is very meaningful
and will one day make me
join the egyptians
dying happy and
full of meaning like
little beasts not understanding

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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