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the dark kicks like a knockout

she said she wanted it rough so i gave her a few years of emotional disregard and the impregnation of a dull sky that fails to separate nights against the suffocating sum of days with hands on her neck that bear the birth of bottled giraffes learning how to unwalk on the floor along with … Continue reading

rush hour

i swear it is there in her eyes the pink moon trampolining on the whole horizon away from this full subway car that holds silence never before heard and little handheld suns that do not burn immediately in this dark tunnel of outside blues but that take energy lifeforce souls away in bits of radiation … Continue reading

how to how to

inside her with exploding organs that’ll splatter the ceiling with offal and blood though the walls need to be repainted anyways for they peel from handprints that remind one of ceaseless childhood where endless days giggle to playful wind and a sun on rollerskates down the bountiful road where each work will be a masterpiece … Continue reading

the dead sea

making love like a dull guillotine with unshaven mollusks fumbling about in the sea   her whining to whatever was still a child in her like love taught by the lightness of parents who showed her life was her life to ask and demand and want more more more give it give it come on … Continue reading

flesh, fickle helmet

white stains like skulls on the bedsheets she wakes up buried beside me a miracle of morning clambering for coffee that she could choke on if only today didn’t hold the confusion of why aren’t you up yet you have to get going no one can know about this   her butt bends light with … Continue reading

bipedal ape

she got legs and i am thankful that i got three hands helping to put out a fire made in the beginning where i came out seeing limbs first and have since been going in the reverse trying to reclaim my sight but it is too light here with her legs reflecting rays and my … Continue reading

that memory of you remembering me

i don’t think there’s a good way to explain thinking but this is what i think it would look like doing don’t * remember nostalgia always has the upper hand * don’t crawl so far up your own asshole that you forget that other people shit too * birds tell me of their ambitions but … Continue reading

act(ion) positively

every time i drink i am reminded of why i hate drinking which makes me drink more and become hate re-minded: an every time drunk * fiction creates a universe poetry is one * let it be known that your existence is a revolutionary act of resistance for to change it all all of it … Continue reading

conjoined at the lips

  the following follow the long tradition of being afraid to lead. * we are never alone for we are all alone * the meaning of life is simple: do not demean life as simple * the only way to do is to stop saying that the only way to do is to start saying … Continue reading

planet b

she left me with whatever was left of me like night that needs morning to make it whole   rise baby it’s time to get up and get going down town with the day that has had a head start and thousands of years to prepare to make you   show it that it wasn’t … Continue reading