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Spaghetti knots

planet b

she left me

with whatever was

left of me

like night that needs

morning to make

it whole


rise baby

it’s time to get up

and get going down town

with the day that has had a head start

and thousands of years to prepare to make you


show it

that it

wasn’t ready


there was no planet b

only her

and her lips falling into her mouth

showing that there is life in other dark galaxies

that are just as cold and distant

as this one

with its astronomers aiming

for another home


evolving and forgetting

the pains of growing

from a mutant

i haven’t seen her again

for my eyes aren’t as good

as they used to be

selectively looking for bad

and the other species

lost and lonely

abandoned by the world

and fighting off the universe


a new new

who expects some old things

like for me to talk about her

her kissing her

how it hurt

but it is only morning

and i am having trouble

remembering her name


the light blinds

her face could be anyone’s

except for her


to write love

on her body

requires more than

love and her embodied


i pick up my things

scattered from a war fought with limbs

already torn and bleeding

or maybe just a night scratched away in

ancient history crying

and questions of i will ever see you again

and i want to mention my eyes

and my failing memory

and that galaxy that is moving from red to blue

and probably to sad

but i say only that i must leave

there are things to do

mornings to rise up to



the sun consumes her

in darkness

as the door dies away

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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