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ok, ko

i suppose things can be worse than losing someone who didn’t love you such as you who lost someone who did * it is given that the meaning of life is to give life meaning   what is not said is how hard it is to take what it is   and entirely what it … Continue reading


i was never quite beautiful which was the best thing that happened to me for i could find the neglected beauty in everything else like a tangerine peeled into an accidental love of a woman i knew years ago or the rain that muddied the city and my shoes i just purchased but that held … Continue reading

little littles

the following is not a lot, which is hopefully may be too many nots. * it is not so much a question of do the ancients still speak but rather too much of an answer that we no longer understand the language of it is they are we soon will not be * the worst thing … Continue reading

why do why

do not ruin my heart   it is your home   do not wreck my love   it is yours   do not ask is it   it is it is a hope of surviving do not * we are the slow evolution of apes into we who devolved from the bustling trees and now … Continue reading

how to kill a man before he dies

start and end with woman call him one call his one call one to make you man enough to deny another of manliness as she says wow you’re strong and you’ll say no sweat babe i don’t like no sissies and she’ll say oh that’s so powerful makes me scared and you’ll say ain’t nothing … Continue reading

be loved / beloved

there you are drinking because your father beat you because he didn’t because you are happy because you are not because you want to drink because you don’t and you’re thinking about the life that could have been if you had not been thinking about life so much if you had only been more if … Continue reading

the real

those who get seven hours daily of shut eye have never known real sleep to be awake for 56 hours to sludge through crackling daylight then to plummet into the night a comet of leaving sleeping forever maybe   those who drink the recommended 6-8 cups of water have never satisfied thirst never sat uneasy … Continue reading


dude was 20 and i was sucking his dick that resembled an 8 year old’s though i suppose growth hormones had did a number on those members since then him moaning how do you like it when i rise in your mouth like when i was 6 waking before the sun’s pitchforks of light to … Continue reading

whatever’s left

i sometimes sit reading great poetry thinking what the fuck is this and i theorize quite poetically that everyone must’ve just got together one day probably a saturday because those are universally conceived as glorious and at a picnic with long sandwiches that could connect europe to america though there was a bit too much … Continue reading

three feet under means nothing to me, a canadian

i am at the bar where jack kerouac was supposed to frequent trying to keep the dead man alive but i am beat a bit constipated with no toilet paper to wipe away the myth of what i ate on the road and it is raining outside leaving me dry and bamboozled against the flowing … Continue reading