break up

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this small eclipse

must i whisper through this dark that you are the heavy light that sweeps through the tears of summer saying all we have all we are is an old cat boxed in by the smell of a new day promising that as long as it is alive it won’t forget what it was to be … Continue reading


blank look now at the end with a spine bent with a story that is heavier than the breath unbound   what is worse than the unread the unwritten what is longer than the novel the old   i am erasing you there to the brag of the unfinished the failed metaphors the depraved similes … Continue reading

see sons

i suppose you’ll want to know what has come of me after all those futures planned have been forgotten and the flowers have turned away from the sun and there’s a sea that hasn’t been touched yet by the plastic that sinks the life from your tour of a small island that most haven’t heard … Continue reading

that that’s left

when was the moment you thought you weren’t valuable anymore   was it when you had all the memories and none of the friends   when life stewed in nine months matured in many more and was ruined in ten seconds by another mix just as complicated and long   when i was supposed to … Continue reading

route o

the following is not good. but neither am i. * so familiar the hand holding at a distance to bring another close while here the cold circles like sleepless nights or a tree already cut wondering where the fallen fruit goes if flowers shine around   * to see with my own eyes my eyes … Continue reading

what was his name again

what do you tell her   do you say that i would fart loudly in public   do you recall when i would snore with spit pooling like a failed birth   do mention that it took me six long months to love you and only four short years to lose that love   do … Continue reading

contact light

you are leaving to the typography of unopened letters and uncooked meals where you say i am changing constantly but that may mean i may come back to me when i wasn’t i   this person already gone this person already unready this person who wants that one   with her dress floating as jellyfish … Continue reading

a happiness checklist

did you eat vegetables sleep on a good mattress remind yourself on nights like this that she is not coming back did you move to music you don’t know go to the beach three times in the summer sit under hungry waves where it is most dangerous then swim above where others have not did … Continue reading


i no longer think of you which is to say i do and wanted to say you again which is to say i say it too much like when i remember the sunlight weeping across your hands on the first day we laid together in a garden filled with flowers that never grew like when … Continue reading

not still

the following is isn’t * living in sunlight only yesterday   how distant is it from today’s gray   tomorrow it is forecasted to be worse by people who wish i watched more often   to the sun to the clouds to those who are already looking at both wondering when rain will come before … Continue reading