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it is 532 this is you leaving   worn wet hand on a lumpy handle that hangs in a pattern that will never be repaired   1 minute before you go you try to mouth something that sounds like the wind 30 years from now on a sail boat going across the world even if … Continue reading

gun k

on the night i died my pants coughed on the carpet there was a distant football game with a score in a dead-even tie and you were still with her   there wasn’t much to see though i’d die sooner than admit it   a few streetlights curled on the streets speaking of what it … Continue reading

b years

i am not drunk look it’s just that the flowers hold no colours for night leaving loneliness to bloom with those things left still unsaid since the time of creation where even then in closed eyed nothingness i missed you and couldn’t see you growing up into that beautiful woman who would ask more questions … Continue reading

then better than then

i remember when you were unforgettable like the ocean hugging a lonely log filled with so much desire to farm the world of its oxygen and give it all back to dirt and flowers born yet without heads for they are recalling yours sniffing seeds of the past that swore to never let go of … Continue reading

sorry i’m late

don’t you miss the days of knowing how to get back here to the poured place where birds warn against the morning’s warm slaughter and the crowds sigh against the other team’s score and what of those atoms scratching at my window to see me late at night thinking of no more than a bundle … Continue reading

for i forget i forged i

i the solitary destruction a single hair from a hijab knows   i the alone that can’t be hurt by you   i the one you showed the breathe of winter lazy with the warmth of spring   i a song sung by the last species of a beautiful bird born for waste   i … Continue reading

plato’s would

we are all leaving including her who said she’d always remain by your side until nothing is left which is here now greeting you in soft openness that only a lover would know   * am i awake because i am still sleeping beside you in your dreams or because i am not * it’s … Continue reading


you are not winter though you may feel cold now as people look at you raising their empty arms to watch you melt perhaps on their tongue with your words still warm and still but know you are water that could sink this city after years of giving it life showing to those who learn … Continue reading