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narcissus sprouting on the banks

a stream lives forever running off into me and my mouth against me if it has to even though i am mostly it and it is mostly me for i have swallowed too much and am letting it go back into it like a dog who prefers the leash for at least then there’s an … Continue reading

praying for those who pray

how is it that a subway filled with dogs provides joy and one with too many owners crowds the vehicle with dread * as a lazy mosquito sucking itself into a question of will it become an itchy bump or an itchier nothing we are all looking for relaxation that doesn’t lead to boredom or … Continue reading

God is a fish and we are the bait

be sad cry then in the morning when you wake up in tears that reflect you you’ll have to swim to survive and you’ll know that further crying will only add to your troubles that stop when the ceiling does * The fish jumps away from the fishing rod and the fisher who can think … Continue reading

And it was fine

A man asked “god what would you have me do” And god answered “I’d do as you would” And the man said “I’ve been praying to you my whole life why answer now” And god said “because you needed it” And the man said “or maybe you did” And god said “that’s why you did” … Continue reading

Saying nothing by saying something

Two times in your life you will write a lot: when you have nothing to say and when you have, and have, and have, but say nothing. * I had a dream that I did not need to dream anymore but then I woke up and could not remember where I was or how I … Continue reading

Royal flush

God may not play dice, but he certainly has a good poker face. Thing is I don’t know if he is bluffing about his cards or about the game. Or maybe, as the puddles of coins shrink and overflow in uneven, unfair proportions, oozing and draining from the sewer grates that are the surrounding hands, … Continue reading

Growing an apple orchard in Eden

In the beginning, there was a boy and a grandmother and they were sitting together in a nearly empty room. Wooden chairs gobbled up little of the free space. Dusty curtains vacuumed out the sun. The boy was wedged on a sofa. Patches of the cushion tickled his leg. Newspaper crinkled under his butt. Each time … Continue reading

Humanity Remains

For Christ’s sake, I am an idiot. Listen up: I wrote some two thousand words but still wasn’t able to fit the Apocalypse in an essay; the Armageddon in twelve point font. Isn’t that what writing is about? Hold on to your hats. The topic I wish to understand better is something that has been … Continue reading