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Spaghetti knots

And it was fine

A man asked

“god what would you have me do”

And god answered

“I’d do as you would”

And the man said

“I’ve been praying to you my whole life

why answer now”

And god said

“because you needed it”

And the man said

“or maybe you did”

And god said

“that’s why you did”

And the man said

“I was doing fine without you”

And god said

“there would be no fine

without me”

And the man said

“that’s fine with me”

And god said


And the man said

“because then I wouldn’t have to ask

you what to do”

and god said

“but what would there be to do

without me”

And the man said

“not much”

And god said

“wouldn’t that be a bad thing”

And the man said

“until now I thought you nil”

And god said

“why did you ask for me then”

And the man said

“I was lonely and I suppose you were too”

And god said

“I always had you so I wasn’t”

And the man said

“I didn’t”

And god didn’t know what to say

so he said

“I suppose the silence would be good

for both of us for a while”

And the man said nothing

for their were still things to do today,

which was fine with him

for tomorrow may be different,

which was also fine

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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