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re pair

you say that i am beautiful for having been broken for the little light that filters through like a world being created   am i only me to you when i am creating destruction * you can do all you can do and still it will not be enough for even the most delightful dream … Continue reading

aren’t you you

how great you are in your ability to forget how great you are in your breathless self-destruction where your face reddens against a blush private like purses or perhaps like your words before that move towards me in their complete stutters and awesome pauses where you close as a bandage protecting your broken breaking self … Continue reading


how do all these people go on living against it all with it all for it all hungry to have tried and retired into more while becoming little lives of themselves where they wither into melted plastic shaped into a bullet burnt and stuck in a gun where they crumble spectacularly like a face to … Continue reading

slain plain

Friend, Do you think of me? Do you think about the bits of shredded pieces we spent together, the time colliding into short snippets of nothing to nothing, of everything to everything else? Do you think of that bar? That club? My room? Do you think about not thinking, how sometimes in the thick of … Continue reading

a little a

i am afraid you will see me unafraid of you * i fear you fear fearless me * if only you saw me as i see me you’d see how i wish to remain unseen * beautiful things like the mona lisa are cracked and wearing like you * i am horrified by the possibility … Continue reading

how to live

a guide to those trying to measure morals: – cut into paper before it cuts into you – cannibalize self-doubt such as whether you can cannibalize the doubting self – stay starved and bleeding and unrealized surprising yourself at mesmerising inconsistency – die – write a little space for yourself in nothing but space as … Continue reading

on no

they will tell you that you cannot do it and they will be right for you cannot now with them there talking but only untold and willed and alone can you have it done * they will say that you can’t and this is true for you cannot not yet where you are not ready … Continue reading

light in a shadow

dear friend who is four foot eight, you are big. you are immense. you are total. too often in the scrum of wants and failures, this knowledge is forgotten. more must be done. more is being is done. how can i join it? how can it join me? while these questions are necessary in a … Continue reading

thinking on thinking

mornings have regretted the night before but have still picked off the shadows that are leeches gleaned from a stream of yellow that smell like piss in a daylight that sees me there clothed yet still naked moving in the direction opposite from the world’s spin trying to regain tomorrow’s tomorrow with a little bit … Continue reading

handy feet

curiosity mandates to look up at the stars rather than one’s feet but real curiosity is knowing that one’s feet were once stars and look how up they can go if only you learn to stand on your hands in ways stars never could * i bring the sounds left behind like dust that were … Continue reading