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the sky is made of a deep lavender and swirls of separated light and tonight i listened to the music we did, danced to the coffee and uncatena, watched as sylvan esso brought me back. i had a date with me during the debacle. it went horribly, resembling more booger than boogie. she left mad … Continue reading


what was always wanted was to not ask what to have something said once against the milk of understanding that the earth knows from the sun the seasons from death the way that even here in the comfort of this home assembled from years of the promise of more you will leave to the puddle … Continue reading


another lung lonely with those birds on the line squawking and shitting blabbing about how to hide the sun destroy the trees eat more than their bodies have shit in them to shit more than their bodies can shit   there is no breath untouched no love in the day their wild wings are the … Continue reading

the cosmos exploring the cosmos

does he look before he leaves   will she desert you for herself   has anyone told you you were made to be kissed held given thick limitless chocolate to daily even if it will make you plump with lips that hold and kiss more fat with fat   this is you big enormous you … Continue reading

An update

Love, Every day, it piles. All I need to tell you. All I haven’t. Some of it is trivial. I have a cat. Her nails are long. She scratches me. Some of it is important. I have a cat. Her nails are long. She scratches me. And it is this repetition of both, in both, … Continue reading

between two points

Dear distant friend, I am bustling through Spain onboard a sleek, undisturbed universe of a bullet train with sun licking the already-burnt skin and a raw, restless summer peeking at countrysides past and farmlands unseen.  My prose is the same unadulterated self-masturbatory streaking you are used to in a style shared with the likes of … Continue reading

webbed fingers

to feel your weight, to kiss you in every lovely place, to watch your gentle grace, to listen to you saying i compliment you too much, to compliment your voice as you say, to sit in silence, relaxed, stretched as sunlight, as flowers flowing, as straight when morning cuts in golden and generous mumbling, please, … Continue reading

no no no

the following was written on a beach after soaking in julio cortazar and trying to be my own drunk star * did i visit spain did i actually visit spain did i get gorged by a bull pulverize a wave with my crescent head wake up with cooling coffee that will whisper a dream stated … Continue reading

the great master baiters

i am starting to think that picasso painted to just get the girls to slip into a sweet summer away from the warm wind and long lost days in front of that great death guernica les demoiselles the weeping woman arm pits bare breasts abound all the females in the world are in the museum … Continue reading


you know what i am looking for the wild words that hold me when others do not the dripping down my leg from a little life lived the deep hungry earth decomposing in the thrust of another season that thing that was there before love was all there was those thick words wet with the … Continue reading