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Spaghetti knots

the great master baiters

i am starting to think

that picasso painted to just get the girls

to slip into a sweet summer

away from the warm wind and long lost days

in front of that great death

guernica les demoiselles the weeping woman

arm pits bare breasts abound

all the females in the world

are in the museum

framed and straight

with their dresses soaked by the sun

breezing into a curvy  liberty


is all art just about a woman

is all art just about the loss of one


they leave though

before beauty

means anything


in front of goya

i am reminded that

wild dogs are free

but they receive no pats


watch how wild they

fuck when alone

chained to some greater thing

that is more than freedom

more than the dominated too


another great work

another medicore feeling


am i to suffer this death of the uninformed here too

where everything is permitted

and all interpretations are valid

and i cannot help but think that the people here

in front

smell better than the paint peeling


what is their perfume

how still are their scented blooming lives


excuse me

i am told

you stepped on my toe


another great work

another mediocre feeling

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