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battle of the nile

there laying in an attempt to watch the air in your hand it is the memory of the name of the widest river you used to know that flows out first when you are promising that this my arms my legs my body swimming with yours is it all there is to recall though your … Continue reading

then better than then

i remember when you were unforgettable like the ocean hugging a lonely log filled with so much desire to farm the world of its oxygen and give it all back to dirt and flowers born yet without heads for they are recalling yours sniffing seeds of the past that swore to never let go of … Continue reading

slain plain

Friend, Do you think of me? Do you think about the bits of shredded pieces we spent together, the time colliding into short snippets of nothing to nothing, of everything to everything else? Do you think of that bar? That club? My room? Do you think about not thinking, how sometimes in the thick of … Continue reading

that memory of you remembering me

i don’t think there’s a good way to explain thinking but this is what i think it would look like doing don’t * remember nostalgia always has the upper hand * don’t crawl so far up your own asshole that you forget that other people shit too * birds tell me of their ambitions but … Continue reading

you got fight in your heart, kid

my heart is the size of a fist that resists opening up to hold your hand   it needs to fight for there is only a little gate of white picketed fences to protect it from other hearts that punch harder and could break a rib or worse a man * what’s the matter is … Continue reading