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webbed fingers

to feel your weight, to kiss you in every lovely place, to watch your gentle grace, to listen to you saying i compliment you too much, to compliment your voice as you say, to sit in silence, relaxed, stretched as sunlight, as flowers flowing, as straight when morning cuts in golden and generous mumbling, please, … Continue reading

closed i

i have seen the unexpected surprise itself into calm consistency forgetting that all still water once wore waves and even the smallest puddle is pulled by the moon i have seen thundering clouds make a lot of sense trying to burn the rain i have seen people who say that they could’ve made that modern … Continue reading

affording wind and stars

to the purple van that is going the way of the dinosaurs after living off them, you cannot read but that is okay because for a while i couldn’t read either and i want you to know how okay i was then. though i  didn’t know much and didn’t know how much this ignorance was … Continue reading

planet b

she left me with whatever was left of me like night that needs morning to make it whole   rise baby it’s time to get up and get going down town with the day that has had a head start and thousands of years to prepare to make you   show it that it wasn’t … Continue reading

the end of a wail

a thing i wrote for a writing thing. * When I first met Kacper Niburski, I thought he’d speak about himself a lot. I imagined the type of writer who used the third person often, got a kick of referring himself as a character, and who would say, after reading a piece that’d drag on … Continue reading


Give me prose, short, nasty, crumbling, while I wish for the rocketry of poetry. * The third law states That for every apple There is a tree And a man who Sits underneath it with A belly full of Fruit that grows into Seeds of thought that Leave him wondering what Body is pulling him. * … Continue reading

one eye closed

Sloan Thill is a man who is hard to reach and who promises to be harder next time. His house sits on a seedless patch of mud off the coast of Yacolt Burn State Forest in Washington, which he later boasts has the highest number of serial criminals per square kilometre. It is a small wood … Continue reading


Are you ready for the interview, Sloan Thill? Is that a question? Yes. Are you? Again, yes. I just wanted to make sure this time was still convenient. I had signed up for it, so why wouldn’t it be? I just like to verify that everything is alright before I begin, if there was a … Continue reading