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foUR enjoyment

the following are four lines for you forever long you need them, which includes when you forget. * close but not closed you bring me into your open arms where you once relaxed then tightened to let go * to patch a hole first you have to poke the needle * spread my legs like … Continue reading

cherubs and chair rubs

i wonder what it was like for eve to have adam first bite into her garden so deep that she was left breathless and felt that he hit her rib * sex excess for even in eden there is d * this is genesis 2 requiring recreation between born bodies and oceans that crawl out … Continue reading

thunder calls my name

i am told everything is about sex especially the untold and i want to say the first thing that isn’t about sex   i want it bad * to land to live lightning must first enflame the earth * i don’t think i can make it but luckily i don’t have to think to get … Continue reading

morning, morning

goodnight night and the cars that cough the many moving and those that sleep longer than i hope to by sleeping now   goodnight the streetlights that sting the sky the honeys kissing strangers in search of a deflower and the bees that no longer buzz for i have received a text message from a … Continue reading

brief bang

in the penitentiary i freed my mind with the time to think without the body bowing down to slaves of schedule and the whip of a blanket at night that offers rest from the mined mind racing doing horrible things to horrible people horribly all to sleep in peace and do it all again in … Continue reading

the figure of figures

she wants my body but it busts by being somebody else who allows himself to be her anybody   i ask who is that   nobody * write like no one is reading and know that at least one less is if you don’t * the saddest song requires a listening ear to make it … Continue reading

smiling villain

tell me what i am missing, love, besides for my love left untold and not missing me * i have never met a poet just casual visitors to the tunes and keys like birds who sometimes get their songs wrong * smiling under the hood i cut from below he holds me after years of … Continue reading

the plague

heal thy self or watch dis ease spread you from others until there is no an other just you a lone body and goo die * yawning universes or just hungry for another one that makes me bang out of this boredom of what does it mean to not make sense but to be essentially mean … Continue reading

kneel arms weak

you are the moon against the night not quite seen and never understood until i land in the reflection as a small feat of human ingenuity and careless poems that look for softness in the empty spots and after finding them reading some of lines i’ve bounced around to and listening to you bounce back i realize … Continue reading

global worming

the world has no ambition and for this reason most people blend in the background as stones and weeds you have to climb or cut   ditch them look to the sun its goal is to burn the world alive do the same by living in heat and trying to freeze the sun if only … Continue reading