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Spaghetti knots

aside display

the following are not the the, though the ends too


love me

until i

love me


you are

made of galaxies

that didn’t make it

but that one day

can figure out

how much failure

can be created

through all

you are

and mostly



are you the smoke

of the cigarette

or the flame

the paper

or the wind

that will scatter it all

to someone else

who is warned

not to fall for such stupid

bad habits

like you


he held the life

like he held his own


emptiness emptying

into hands never


but always



lips formed to my name

and all the dogs are dead

i am 25

even the beautiful woman

on the walls

with breasts brimming life

have faded into art

that is worth something

to someone

who hopes

it is worth something more

to someone else later



they add

who does not have a dog

to get its hair

on all of it


i use the pictures

you took

so that the others

will say

you don’t look

like you did

in your


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