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Spaghetti knots


in the grey ground

where the bodies grow green

i tried to excite you

just as you were sleeping

after the dawn that died

with still too much to do

in a city that no one saw like this

at night

where the buildings stand alone

occupied as stars in slumber

if only you would look up to hope

to notice that it is here with the

cars still still

and the people still snoring

and you joining them

tired from trying to lengthen the light

to all the places it has not yet reached

like me

before you told me

that those buildings are empty

wasting electricity

doing nothing


but what of the woman

who has no poems for she is poetry

sweeping the floor of that office


what of the children who wait

on their mother in a moon

that misses hugging the earth


what of the line that extends beyond an end

to a story that will never be written

for to do so

would be to have a half done knot

tied around a man’s throat


what of that moment i said

i loved you

only to watch you choke in tears

from all the love you had

that spent you

that saw you as teeth wrecked and worn

afraid to smile

to say

anything beyond

maybe another moment

would be better


what about now

when it cannot be worse

where you have gone

the way

you don’t even remember

where the bodies are getting too comfortable

among the roots

where those buildings have collapsed

into the dreams of something else

less grown

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One thought on “rem

  1. This is bloody glorious mate. Keep it up!

    Posted by Impacting Every Life Positively | August 23, 2017, 6:32 pm

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