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Spaghetti knots

c heat?

i wonder if he wondered if i knew

if he thought about how big i was

tough there with my hands in my pants

imagining you when you were with me

showing me what to think with my thing

which is no more than do

and do it well

a lesson in expanding oneself to their limit

to always ensure to bleed but contain the spread

to localized regions like your cheeks

which are blushing when we first meet

and mine too against the summer that i hope to survive

for winter has been forever and i’m tired

in your arms but not before kissing

where you bring the life

of all your ancestors back to this moment

that made them make you to unmake me

naked there with your palm around my oh my

what is she doing

i don’t know

but i don’t need to

just as snow does not need to know

the sun is not meant to make it shine

but instead bleeds heat

where i wonder whether

has she done this before

with someone else

besides me


the night is empty

the day is full

the curtains are loose

pouring too little air

where i melt into her


there is nothing worse

than being cheated on

unless of course

it is being someone else’s


who will go away unsatisfied

for she was thinking about there there

it’s nothing

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  1. Hi I’m relatively new to this if you don’t mind could you check out my blog and give me some advice or just share your thoughts?

    Posted by justawalkingparadoxblog | June 3, 2016, 11:31 pm

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